Test Answers on human relation

Chapter 1 Human Relations in the Hospitality Industry

question Transformational Leader answer acts as a coach and leads by example question The hotel and restaurant industry depends on large numbers of people to fill __________, ___________ jobs that have little interest and no perceived future. answer entry level, low wage question Which is not a practice of leaders? answer They make sure their […]

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Chapter 10 Notes- Human Resource Management and Labor Relations

question human resource mgmt answer set of organizational activities directed at attracting, developing, and maintaining an efficient workplace question human capital answer this reflects the organizaiton’s interest in attracting, retaining, and motivating an efficient workplace question name all of the steps in the human resource planning process? answer -conduct job analysis -forecast demand for labor […]

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Human Relations Chapter 1

question People skills are usually described as having which of the following abilities? answer Good interaction with people and thinking skills. question Studies have shown that the primary reason people fail at their jobs is that answer They lack desirable personal qualities and problem-solving skills. question The study of human relations broadly analyzes answer Human […]

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