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Ap human geograph unit 3 vocab

question Acculturation answer The adoption of cultural traits, such as language, by one group under the influence of another. question Assimilation answer the process by which minorities gradually adopt patterns of the dominant culture question Cultural adaptation answer The positive reaction where by the foreigner readily accepts the new culture as part of his life […]

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APHG Chapter 11

question 1) Approximately three-fourths of the world’s industrial production is concentrated in four regions. Which of the following is not one of these four regions? answer Eastern South America question 2) The Industrial Revolution began in answer Great Britain question 3) The Industrial Revolution began in answer the late 1700s. question 4) Prior to the […]

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AP human geo unit 6 terms

question Agglomeration answer A process involving the clustering or concentrating of people or activities. The term often refers to manufacturing plants and businesses that benefit from close proximity because they share skilled-labor pools and technological and financial amenities. question Agglomeration economies answer The savings to an individual enterprise derived from locational association with a cluster […]

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APHG Unit 7 Vocab

question Agglomeration answer the action or process or regions or areas collecting in a mass usually for certain advantages. question Barriadas answer another name for squatter settlements that are residential developments that take place on land that is neither owned nor rented by its occupants. Many LDC’s can’t house their poor do to overpopulation and […]

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AP human geo unit 4 terms

question Annexation answer the formal act of acquiring something (especially territory) by conquest or occupation question Antarctica answer an extremely cold continent at the south pole almost entirely below the Antarctic Circle question Apartheid answer a social policy or racial segregation involving political and economic and legal discrimination against non-whites question Balkanization answer Process by […]

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