Test Answers on horticulture

Horticultural pest ctrl- IPM-Integrated Pest Management

question What is IPM??? (Integrated pest management) (Assessing pest problems) answer A comprehensive Multi-faceted approach to pest control including Prevention (PHC) First; Then utilizing Cultural, Physical or Mechanical and Biological controls in Addition to Conventional Chemical Pesticides. question Recognizing and Assessing Pest Problems answer Identifying the Pest that is responsible for causing plant damage-Some insects […]

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Principles of Horticulture (Exam 1 Review)

question What is Horticulture? answer (Plants, plant growing) Definition: Hortis- “garden”, cultura- “culture” • Learn only about plants that we either use or eat Definition- Horticulture is the science and art of producing nutritious food for the body, like fruits nuts and vegetables, and beautiful food for the soul. • Horticulture crops are more labor […]

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