Test Answers on globalization

Globalization and Diversity Ch 2, 8, & 9

question An estimated 20,000 people died in March 2011 from the combination of an earthquake and a tsunami in coastal ________ PG 47- R answer Japan question The circum-Pacific zone of activity, from the western Americas (both North and South) to East Asia, is particularly active and is often referred to as the _______________________ answer […]

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Globalization and Diversity Chapter 9

question 1) What makes Russia distinctive? – PG 298 – R answer Largest land area question 2) Which geographic area of the Russian Domain dominates the region? answer Slavic Russia? question 3) Why do the authors of your text use the word “domain” when talking about “the Russian Domain”?– PG 294 – R answer Suggests […]

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Globalization and Diversity Chapters 6-9

question Beneath which part of the U.S. is its largest aquifer, the Ogallala Aquifer, located ? answer The Great Plains question Which country of Europe is most likely to experience drought ? answer Spain question What is the approximate population of the Russian Domain ? answer 200 Million Residents question What was the distinctive skill […]

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GRY100 Globalization and Diversity Test 2

question What goal did the Treaty of Tordesillas accomplish? answer divided South America between Spain and Portugal question Which two countries were the primary rivals in the Cold War? answer the United States and the Soviet Union question In recent years, what kind of economic activity has Costa Rica been attracting? answer high-tech firms question […]

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Globalization and Diversity Chapter 8

question 1) How many countries make up the European Union (EU)? – PG 252 – L answer 27 countries question 2) How many countries does Europe contain? – PG 252 – L answer 42 countries question 3) What mountain range in Europe is over 500 miles long and has peaks reaching 15,000 feet.- PG 255 […]

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Chapter 27 – Globalization and It’s Discontents [1989 – 2000]

Americans with Disabilities Act In 1990, newly organized disabled Americans won passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This far-reaching measure prohibited discrimination in hiring and promotion against persons with disabilities and required that entrances to public buildings be redesigned so as to ensure access for the disabled. Balkan crisis The most complex foreign policy […]

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Globalization and Diversity Chapter 11

1) The term “China proper” refers to – PG 358 – L Eastern China – where 95% of the residents live 2) The Three Gorges Dam is being constructed on which river in China? – PG 358 – L Yangtze River 3) What single factor is most responsible for the severity of environmental problems in […]

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