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Gerontology Chapter 3 Theories of Aging

question The first practitioners of social gerontology, saw old age as a period of inevitable physical and mental decline. answer developmental psychologists question Personal Adjustment in Old Age answer book published in1949, presented the results of a large study sponsored by the Committee of Human Development, located at the University of Chicago. The study concerned […]

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question A) Longitudinal Research answer What research method/design is most appropriate for looking at aging, form the life course perspective? A) Longitudinal research B) Quasi-experimental design C) Experimental design D) Panel study E) Survey analysis question D) Ageism answer The most persistent view of aging in society reflects continuous deterioration and decline, thus forming the […]

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Gerontology Exam

question In assessing the aging client, it is importnat for the nurse to recognize: a) The client’s ability to perform ADLs b) The financial status of the client c) The job that the client held prior to aging d) All components of well-being, including biological function, psychological function, and social function answer D question Medications, […]

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Gerontology Chapter 7

question In the Duke Longitudinal Study answer about half of the people who survived into their 80s and 90s reported having sexual interest. question Elder never-married singles answer report parallel levels of life satisfaction with married persons. question The concept of—– refers to the need to be close to, part of, and familiar with another […]

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Gerontology: Age-Related Changes

question Age-Related Changes answer Are more pronounced in advanced age (85 or older) Can alter response to illness Show variability among individuals Are impacted by genetic and lifestyle factors Can involve a decline in functional status Require therapeutic strategies Differentiate from pathological processes question Age-Related CV Changes answer Size of heart is unchanged in the […]

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Gerontology 1-4

question Geriatrics answer focuses on preventing and managing disease in later life question culturally competent health care providers answer help the elderly develop personal mastery of their chaining environments question recent research indicates that genes account for about____ of our longevity answer one fourth question gerontologists define aging in terms of answer changes in memory […]

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