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Georgia Studies – Chapter 6 Review

question What was the capital of Georgia in 1789 when the delegates made changes to the constitutionm? (p. 175) answer Augusta question What river became Georgia’s western boundary after the settlement of the Yazoo land fraud? (p. 178) answer Chattahoochee River question What was the original name of the city of Atlanta? (p. 543) answer […]

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Georgia Studies.

question Hernando deSoto answer 1537-1540 Represented Spain Explored GA and southeast N.A. Brought death and destruction to Indians. question James Oglethorpe answer Asked King George II for a new colony in America. In respect for the King the colony would be called Georgia. Oglethorpe had planned for the colony to be a debtors colony. question […]

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Physical therapy Georgia Law test

question Board answer State Board of Physical Therapy question License answer a valid and current certificate of registration issued by the board,which shall give the person to whom it is issued authority to engage in the practice prescribed thereon. question Physical therapist answer a person licensed to practice physical therapy as defined in this chapter […]

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Georgia Permit practice study guide!!!!!!

question pass in an adjacent lane answer When passing a motorcyclist, a driver must_________ question either direction answer Do not make a U-turn on a curve or near the top of a hill if you can’t be seen by another driver approaching from_________ question 35 mph answer Water on the road can cause a vehicle […]

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Georgia Department of Driver Services Class CP (Instructional Permit) Practice Test

question Water on the road can cause a vehicle to hydroplane. Your car may hydroplane at speeds as low as answer 35 miles per hour question What is the proper way to enter an expressway from the entrance ramp? answer Use the acceleration lane to blend into the traffic question If, while driving, a tire […]

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Drivers ed Georgia Study Guide

question What restrictions apply to Provisional licenses? answer No driving between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. question If you move you must give your new address to the DDS within ___ days answer 60 question Driving is a ___. answer privilege question When your license is ___, your driving privilege is temporarily withdrawn […]

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Hondros learning Georgia Real Estate

appraisal An opinion of value of adequately defined real property as of a specified date, supported by objective market data. actual annexation The process of physically attaching personal property to land, causing it to be a fixture. Air rights The right to undisturbed use and control of airspace over a parcel of land (within reasonable […]

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Georgia Constitution Exam

question 1.) Does the current Georgia Constitution impose term limits on governors? If so, what are they? answer Georgia does limit the term on governors. It is the only position that has a limit on term. Governor is the highest and most powerful position. Past-1942 2 consecutive two year terms 1942-1976 1 four year term […]

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