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AP Geography – Chapter 13

annexation legally adding land area to a city in the United States census a complete enumeration of a population census tract ab area delineated by the U.S. Bureau of the Census for which statistics are published; in urban areas, census tracts correspond roughly to neighborhoods central business district the area of a city where retail […]

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9-10 – Geography

Tyranny Unjust use of power minuteman a colonist armed and trained to fight the british at a minute’s voice Loyalist colonist who sided with Britian during the American Revolution Patriot Colonist who wanted independance from Britian. Continental Congress group of rep. from the colonies who in 1776 voted to declare independance from Britian. Mecklenburg Resolved […]

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Quiz 2: Geographic Themes

question Places have both physical and human characteristics. Choose H if the item describes a human characteristic, choose P if the item describes the physical characteristics. In Canada, tension exists between French and English-speaking people. answer H question Choose H if the item describes the human characteristic, choose P if the item describes the physical […]

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Michigan and the five themes that a geographer would ask

question Absolute location answer 45 parallel runs through Michigan question Relative location answer It is north of Indiana and Ohio,surrounded by the Great Lakes question Physical characteristics answer Michigan has a upper and lower peninsula Michigan also has the Great Lakes and rivers question Human characteristics answer Lots of Bridges,Detroit and Soo Locks,waren,Travor city, lots […]

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geography chapter 6

population geography is the distribution of humankind across our planet the study of individual population in terms of specific group characteristics is demography which of the following is one of the three major population concentrations mentioned in the chapter? east asia a world map drawn so that the size of each country is the reflection […]

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geog FE – Geography

question Geography” literally means answer to write (about) Earth question If you wanted a map with a lot of detail of a small area you would want a answer a large scale map. question An angular distance measured east or west of a prime meridian from the center of Earth is termed answer longitude question […]

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