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Chapter 13: Social Engineering

question Social Engineering Definition answer Social engineering is an attack against a user, and typically involves some form of social interaction. The weakness that is being exploited in the attack is not necessarily one of technical knowledge, or even security awareness. Social engineering at its heart involves manipulating the very social nature of interpersonal relationships. […]

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PLTW Engineering

question Problem Indentification answer The recognition of an unwelcome or harmful matter needing to be dealt with question Piling-On answer An idea that produces a similar idea or an enhanced idea question Assess answer to thoroughly and methodically analyze accomplishment against specific goals and criteria question Constraint answer A limit to the design process, appearance, […]

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Gene Engineering: Gene Therapy

question Genetic Engineering answer technology that allows one to manipulate genetic material to obtain certain desired functions question examples of Genetic Engineering answer – Gene Therapy – cloning – transgenic organisms – genetically modified organisms question Gene Therapy answer treatment of a disease due to a malfunction gene by replacing the gene to correct the […]

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Engineering Geology Test 1

question Define Engineering Geology answer The science of geology applied to environmental and engineering concerns, including the safety and performance of man-made structures, and to public health, safety, and welfare. question Define Geological Engineering answer The engineering discipline specializing in the evaluation and design of engineering projects, in or on the earth and the evaluation […]

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Engineering Ethics-Jake Hsu

question Pons and Fleischmann answer Cold Fusion (Pathological Science) question Rene Blondlot answer N rays (Pathological Science) question Space Shuttle Challenger answer O ring failure and cold temperatures. liquid fuel booster explosion question Space Shuttle Columbia answer Foam strike on ceramic tile, extreme heating question Intel Pentium answer Software bug, denied at first, then said […]

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Vocab (Genetic Engineering, Gene Therapy, Reproductive Technology, Genomics)

question A virus the infects bacteria answer bacteriophage question A virus that has RNA as its genetic material, and uses an enzyme known as reverse transcriptase to make a DNA answer retrovirus question Short single stranded DNA molecule of specific base sequence, labeled either radioactively or immunologically, that are used to detect and identify the […]

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Genetic Engineering Free

question What type of enzyme cuts DNA? answer Restriction enzyme question How do restriction enzymes know where to make cuts? answer they cut at specific nucleotide sequences question What are blunt ends and sticky ends? answer blunt ends are made when restriction enzymes cut straight down while sticky ends are made when restriction enzymes make […]

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Systems Engineering Management

question What is the MBTI? answer Myers-Briggs Type Indicator :Psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions question system answer -Any set of components which could be seen as working together for the overall objective of the whole. -An integrated set of elements that accomplishes a defined […]

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NOCTI Pre Engineering Exam study guide

question What are the major engineering fields? answer Civil Mechanical Electrical Aerospace Structural question What major functions do engineers perform? answer 1. Research- making new discoveries and finding uses 2. Development- production of a function able device/ process 3. Design- optimizing/ making easier to produce/ improving performance 4. Production/Testing- mass production + quantity control 5. […]

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engineering an empire: greece

greatest empire outside of greece persian empire battled against persian empire thermistocles persia lost…to the greek •200 ships •greeks 40 where are agamemnons struggles written down? •the lilad •the odyssey polycates ruled what island? somus polycates faced what problems? •not enough water how did polycates solve his problem? •built tunnels through the mountain what did […]

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Ch. 13 Food Engineering

question What is the process dedicated to the engineering processes related to food production?* answer Food Engineering question What process is not normally the work of a food engineer?* answer Genetic engineering question What are the basic principles of food engineering? answer Mass balance Energy balance Heat transfer Mass transfer question Who studies how foods […]

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Chapter 13: Food Engineering

question Food engineering answer is dedicated to the engineering processes related to food production question Genetic engineering answer is not normally the work of a food engineer question conservation of mass answer the mass that enters a facility (raw materials) equals the mass that leaves a facility (product plus waste) question law of conservation of […]

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