Test Answers on climate change

Changing climate change

question ice age answer ice age- any period of time when Earth has permanent ice sheets such as those in Antarctica. question how old is the Earth> answer 4.5 billion years old question Describe how the history of earth is divided. etc. answer Scientists divide Earth’s history into different time periods and we are currently […]

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Chapter 18 Global Climate Change

question Maldives answer Increase in global sea levels = will sumerge the Maldives, an island chain that is only 2.4 m above sea level. Had a giant tsunami, which provided indication of what future w/ climate change would be like. question Forth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change answer Made clearto the […]

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Climate Change Policy Exam 2

question what is cap & trade? answer caps emissions at certain amount that certain polluters can put out question if we give out too many rights to pollute, then the price (of emissions reductions) will be ___ answer low question what happened when the European Union tried cap & trade? answer – gave out too […]

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Solar system, The universe, Climate change study guide, Climate

What are the terrestrial planets Closest to the sun List 3 way terrestrial planets similar to each. Other Have solid rock Are made of havey elements Formed in the warmer region close to the sun How are terrestrial planet so similar They have rocks in there are they are all close to the sun List […]

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Chapter 8: Global Climates and Climate Change

question Climate is determined by answer Temperature and Precipitation question Climate Temperature answer average and seasonal changes (temp,range) question Climate Precipitation answer total amount and seasonal changes Wet year round Dry year round Dry winter/summer (most places) Wet winter/summer (only a few places) question What “controls” climate? answer Latitude Elevation Continentality (distance from coast) Pressure […]

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