Test Answers on calculus

AP Calculus AB Vocab

question absolute minimum answer The lowest point of a function. question absolute maximim answer The highest point of a function. question absolute value answer The distance between a number and the origin. question acceleration answer The rate of change of velocity over time. question amplitude answer The distance a function is from the axis. question […]

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Calculus Vocabulary Review

question Calculus answer The mathematical study of change. question Interval notation answer Brackets- include end points Parentheses- do not include end points question Domain answer X-values (inputs) question Range answer y-values (Outputs) question Derivative answer Gives formula to find slope of tangent line to a curve at any point on curve. question Differentiation answer The […]

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Calculus Derivatives Study Guide

question Limit Definition answer d/dx = lim(∆x→0) f(∆x+x) – f(x) / ∆x question Finding points where tangent line to function is horizontal. (Horizontal tangent line to a function) answer 1. Take derivative 2. Derivative=0 3. Solve for x 4. Plug x into original for y question Equation of line normal to function at given point. […]

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AP Calculus BC Study Guide

question sin² θ + cos² θ = answer 1 question 1 + tan² θ = answer sec² θ question 1 + cot² θ = answer csc² θ question sin(-θ) = answer -sin θ question cos(-θ) = answer cos θ question tan(-θ) = answer -tan θ question sin(A + B) = answer sinAcosB + sinBcosA question […]

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Calculus 2 Final Exam Review

question McLaurin Series for 1/(1-x) answer ∑xⁿ=1+x+x²+x³+x⁴+… R=1 question McLaurin Series for e^x answer ∑xⁿ/n!=1+x/1!+x²/2!+x³/3!+… R=infinity question McLaurin Series for sinx answer ∑(-1)ⁿ(x²ⁿ⁺¹)/(2n+1)!=x-x³/3!+x⁵/5!-x⁷/7!+… R=infinity question McLaurin Series for cosx answer ∑(-1)ⁿ(x²ⁿ)/(2n)!=1-x²/2!+x⁴/4!-x⁶/6!+… R=infinity question Conditionally Convergent answer A series is ∑ a_n is called conditionally convergent if it is convergent but not absolutely convergent. question Absolutely […]

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