Test Answers on Australia

Australia – Flashcard

question Which of the following statements about the physical environment of the Austral Realm is false? A) New Zealand has earthquakes and volcanoes, Australia has only volcanoes B) Australia’s rocks are much older than those of New Zealand C) Australia’s highest mountains are the Great Dividing Range, while New Zealand has a spine of much […]

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Australia and Pacific Islands Countries and Capitals

Question Answer Australia Canberra Federated States of Micronesia Palikir Fiji Suva Kiribati Tarawa Marshall Islands Majuro Nauru Yaren New Zealand Wellington Palau Ngerulmud Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Samoa Apia Solomon Islands Honiara Tonga Nukualofa Tuvalu Funafuti Vanuatu Port Vila

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All countries and territories in Australia and Oceania

country/territory capital(s) Australia Canberra, Australian Capital Territory Heard Island and the McDonald Islands (Australia) none Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australia) West Island Christmas Island (Australia) Flying Fish Cove (The Settlement) Ashmore and Cartier Islands (Australia) none Coral Sea Islands (Australia) none (only inhabited island is Willis Island) Norfolk Islands (Australia) Kingston Macquarie Island (Australia) none New […]

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Miss. Cianci’s Asia, Oceania and Australia countries and capitals

Question Answer What is the Capital of Australia? Canberra What is the Capital of China? Beijing What is the Capital of Fiji? Suva What is the Capital of Japan? Tokyo What is the Capital of Mongolia? Ulaanbaatar What is the Capital of New Zealand? Wellington What is the Capital of North Korea? Pyongyang What is […]

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