Test Answers on atmospheric science

Chapter 16 The Atmosphere Test

question Ozone filters out most of the _____ radiation in sunlight. A. infrared B. gamma C. microwave D. ultraviolet answer D. ultraviolet question Air may best be described as _____. A. a compound B. an element C. a mixture D. none of these answer C. a mixture question The annual temperature range at most latitudes […]

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science; water in the atmosphere

Question Answer movement of water between the atmosphere. water cycle the process by wich water molecules in liquid water escape into the air as water vapor. evaporation water vapor is also added to the air by living things process of breathing (animals) respiration (sweating) perspiration (give off vapor thru pores-leaves) transpiration hole pore full of […]

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Atmosphere Section B

question Order these radiation tyes in order of increasing wavelength:     gamma, radio, visible. answer   gamma, visible, radio. question   True or false:  water vapor is a major greenhouse gas.   answer   True.  question   How are wavelength and frequency related? answer   The shorter the wavelength the higher the frequency. question   The higher […]

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Atmospheric Moisture (physical geography test 2)

question Evaporation answer water molecules going liquid to gas question Condensation answer water molecules going gas to liquid question Saturation answer the amount of evaporation is the same as condensation question Sublimation answer ice turns directly to vapor and vice versa question Humidity answer amount of water vapor in the air question Absolute humidity answer […]

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physical geography exam 1 – wwu – atmosphere and insolation

question planetary albedo answer 30 question the ozone absorbs answer 3 question SWR lost through diffuse reflection and scattering answer 7 question incoming SWR absorbed by clouds answer 3 question incoming SWR reflected by clouds answer 21 question diffuse SWR absorbed by surface answer 20 question incoming SWR reflected by surface answer 3 question incoming […]

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Earth Science – Unit 9: Earth’s Atmosphere. Lesson 1:Evolution of the Atmosphere

What force keeps our atmosphere from floating out into space? Gravity. In the paleoatmosphere, the primary gases were _____. carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water vapor. Which of the following factors caused the early atmosphere to become thicker? volcanic outgassing and meteorite and comet impacts. The earth has fewer meteorite impacts because_____. Of the earth’s atmosphere. […]

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The Atmosphere

question Nitrogen answer 78% of the atmosphere question Oxygen answer 21% of the atmosphere question reflects radio waves answer ionosphere question amount of radiation reflected answer 40% question amount of solar radiation reaching ground answer 40% question carbon dioxide answer needed for photosynthesis question absorbs ultraviolet rays answer ozonosphere question For study, the earth can […]

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Science Atmosphere and Weather Study-guide

question Vortex answer A hurricane or tornado question Hurricane answer A low pressure system and is over warm water question Ozone Layer answer A layer in the Stratosphere that protects Earth from radio active light and harmful sun rays question Troposphere answer It is the first atmospheric layer next to Earth and weather occurs here […]

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ozoneis made up of three oxygen molecules and is what protects us from the suns harmful UV radiation exosphereupper limit of the atmosphere where the atoms and molecules blend into space. ionospherea sub-layer of the thermosphere containing ions.

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