Test Answers on anesthesiology

Anesthesiology (ABA) Oral Boards

question MH: Treatment answer 1. D/c triggering agents 2. Call for help 3. 100% FiO2; high flow; hyperventilate 4. Dantrolene: 2.5 mg/kg IV every 5 min to max 10 mg/kg or until symptoms subside 5. Collect labs: blood gases, electrolytes, calcium, LFT’s, CK 6. Treat hyperkalemia: hyperventilate, dextrose + insulin 7. Active cooling: ice to […]

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anesthesiology VTNE

question the drug xylazine is best described as an: antiinflammatory analgesic and sedative antiemetic anesthetic answer analgesic and sedative question detomidine is approved for use in which animal? dogs cats horses cattle answer horses but used in other species question butorphanol is best describes as a/an: antiinflammatory analgesic anesthetic diuretic answer analgesic question diazepam is […]

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Section 11: Anesthesiology

question The drug xylazine is best described as an – Antiinflammatory – Analgesic and sedative – Antiemetic – Anesthetic answer Analgesic and sedative question Detomidine is approved for use in – Dogs – Cats – Horses – Cattle answer Horses question Butorphanol is best described as a/an – Antiinflammatory – Analgesic – Anesthetic – Diuretic […]

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