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Ancient Egypt Study Guide

question Hieroglyphics answer Hieroglyphics are a form of ancient writing developed by the Nile River valley people by about 3000 B.C. It used over 600 signs, pictures, or symbols to represent words or sounds. They created papyrus to write hieroglyphics down. The Rosetta Stone was a stone discovered that contained greek, hieroglyphics, and the Egyptian […]

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How the Nile Shaped Ancient Egypt

question Geography answer Document A: Settlement is almost all the way immersed in the delta and a river valley. The settlement clings to the river. One, people needed fresh water for drinking, bathing, cooking. Two, the river was the water source for crop irrigation. Three, The Nile provided a highway for travel and trade, and […]

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6th Grade-Ancient Egypt Test Questions

question Delta answer A triangular area of land formed from at the mouth of a river question Hatsheput answer The first female pharaoh (ruler) question Nile River answer The longest river in the world; the Ancient Egyptians depended upon it for survival question King Tut answer A young king whose tomb was filled with jewelry, […]

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Ancient Egypt G.R.A.P.E.S.

question Geography–Papyrus answer Reed plant used to make paper, grows along the Nile River. question Geography–Delta answer Creates rich soil for farming, good area to grow crops, good source of water to animal and people. question Geography–Cataracts answer Protected Egypt from invasions by other countries. question Religion–Polytheistic answer Egyptians believed in many gods. question Religion–Pharaohs […]

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Ancient Egypt Test Questions

question Cataract answer six rock-filled rapids. question Delta answer The place at the mouth of a river were it splits into several streams to form an are shaped like a triangle. question Silt answer rich,fertile soil deposited by the flooding of a river. question Pharaoh answer the title of the kings of ancient Egypt. question […]

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Ancient Egypt Answers

Question Answer Name The 3 Periods Of Ancient Egypt. Old Kingdom Middle Kingdom New Kingdom What Was Each Period Known For? Old Kingdom=Age of the Pyramids Middle Kingdom=Reunification New Kingdom=Golden Age What Is The Name Of The River That Flows From South To North? The Nile River What Did Pharaoh Khufu Build? The Great Pyramid […]

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Ancient Egypt Study Guide Potential Short Essay Questions

question Explain how two different physical features contributed to the emergence of one of the most powerful civilizations… answer 1) The Desert (Nubian, Libyan, Arabian). It was able to protect the Egyptians from invaders because of the heat, lack of water, and long ways to walk. 2) A River (Nile). It was a water source […]

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Chapter 4 – Ancient Egypt & Kush – Lesson 5 – Ancient Kush

question Painkhi answer was a leader of a kingdom that extended north from Napata to the Nile Delta question trade networks answer a system of people in different lands who trade goods question merchants answer traders question exports answer items sent out to other regions question imports answer goods brought in from other regions question […]

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Ancient Egypt Chapter 4/ Section 3

question What is commerce? answer Buying and selling of goods and services. question What were some of the items Egypt traded? answer Grain*, cloth, papyrus, glass, and jewelry question What were some of the items Nubia traded? answer Gold*, ivory, cedar, olive oil, copper question What did Egypt RELY on Nubia for? answer gold question […]

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