Test Answers on ancient China

Ancient China Test – importance of Chinese inventions discoveries and Silk Road

question What technological advances occurred with the Han? answer Mneumonic: cabww Collar harness for horses to help them pull plows Agriculture. Better plows Wheelbarrow to move stuff easier Watermills used river power to grind grain. question Did Han also invent paper? answer Yes the Chinese invented paper in 150 AD. Before paper, the Chinese recorded […]

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McDougal Ancient China Lesson 4 – Use this

question Lesson Summary answer • Trading routes called the Silk Roads brought goods and ideas to and from China. • Confucianism and Daoism had a lasting influence in China. • Chinese inventions in agriculture, paper making, and other discoveries improved daily life. question What kinds of goods moved along the Silk Roads? answer Silk. Paper. […]

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Ancient China Ch 3 and 4

question dynasty answer a line of rulers belonging to the same family question Shang Dynasty answer (1766-1122 BCE) First significant Chinese dynasty. United the Huange He (Yellow) River Valley. Advancements include pictographic writing system (on oracle bones) and bronze metallurgy. Declined when overpowered by the Zhou question oracle answer a priest who is believed to […]

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chapter 7 Ancient China

question the 5 dynastys of China are answer Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming question Historians sometimes call the time of disorder that followed the collapse of the Han dynasty answer Period of Disunion question Grand Canal answer a canal linking norhtern and southern China question Porcelain answer a thin, beautiful type of pottery question Woodblock […]

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Ancient China

question What were dragon gods thought to control? answer Rain question When do dragon ceremonies date back to? answer 500BC question How did ancient China view dragons? answer They viewed dragons as friendly beasts that brought good luck. question What did the ancient Chinese compare images of dragons to? answer Rivers because the feet were […]

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Ancient China Ch.8 Terms and Names+Fill in Blank Info+True and False

question oracle bone answer an animal bone or turtle shell used by the Shang kings of China to communicate with and influence God question pictograph answer a picture or drawing that represents a word or an idea in an early system of writing question dynastic cycle answer the pattern of the rise and fall of […]

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Important Ancient Chinese People

question Fu Hao answer a Shang woman who was buried with her property (grave was found in the modern day) question Shang Di answer the main god during the Shang dynasty question Mother Goddess answer the unnamed major goddess in the Shang dynasty question King You answer a bad emperor during the Zhou dynasty who […]

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question Is the statement “The Qin dynasty was bad for China” a true or false statement? answer False, the dynasty strengthened and unified. question What does Confucius statement that moral leadership, not laws, would bring order to China mean? answer Leaders should act decently and always try to do the right thing. question How was […]

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Ancient India & China

question Name the 2 main religions in Ancient India answer Buddhism, & Hinduism question True or False, Hinduism has a founder answer False, Hinduism cannot be traced to a particular persons ideas question What was Hinduism a blend of answer Aryan traditions and the religious beliefs of nations conquered by the Aryans question Vedas = […]

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Ancient China Study Guide

question CHINA answer … question Himalayas answer – The Himalaya Mountains in the southwest of China helps isolate from other countries. – This isolation allowed China to develop its own culture without influence from other civilizations. question Huang He River answer – Major river in the North of China – The Huang He river is […]

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Ancient China Neolithic-to-Xia-Shang-Zhou-Qin

question Cultural Sphere answer In anthropology and geography, refers to the aspects of culture associated with an ethnolinguistic group and the territory it inhabits. Specific cultures often do not limit their geographic coverage to the borders of a nation state, or to smaller subdivisions of a state. Cultural “spheres of influence” may also overlap or […]

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Ancient China and Indus Valley Social Classes

question Name at least three Chinese inventions answer *Silk *Wheel borrows *Crossbow *Acupuncture *Iron Plow *Gun powder *Seismograph *Yo Yo *Paper and Printing g *Kite *Compass *Horse Stirrup question Give a definition of the Silk Road answer Travelers and merchants often bring products they have discovered back to their homelands. Use of these products soon […]

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