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Functions of Proteins, a Statements About Prostaglandins

Which of the following correctly lists the cellular hierarchy from the simplest to the most complex structure? cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism If a cell is placed in a hypertonic solution, what will happen to the cell? It will shrink. What is the longest phase of the cell cycle? interphase What are groups of […]

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TEAS Test Practice Questions

question Which is an anterior muscle? a. gluteus maximas b. biceps femoris c. adductor magnus d. quadriceps femoris answer D Anterior muscle is located near the front of the body. Of those listed, the quadriceps is the most anterior question The lateral side of the right knee would be: a. the kneecap b. closest to […]

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TEAS V Math from ATI Study Guide

question Order of Operations – Rules – What to do first? answer “PEMDAS” Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division (Left to Right) and Addition and Subtraction (Left to Right) question Square Feet Review – Finding Total Square Feet answer Add up all four sides to find total square feet A fence that is 25 feet by […]

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TEAS- Science- Study Guide 2017

question Cells answer The basic structural unit of an organism from which living things are created question Cellular functions answer Processes that include growth, metabolism, replication, protein synthesis, and movement question Directional terminology answer Words used to explain relationships of locations of anatomical elements ( distal, posterior, medial, etc.) question Organ systems answer Functional groups […]

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TEAS V Study Guide!

question READING answer (28% of entire test) question *Paragraph Comprehension answer (13% of entire test) question Identify appropriate primary sources, including internet sources. answer Primary Source – firsthand record events, theories, opinions, or actions; either published or unpublished documents, recordings, or artifacts that are contemporary to the events, people, or information that is at issue […]

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TEAS V Study Guide 2015 Science

question Scatter Plot & BarGraphs answer Graphs to use when comparing measurements question Mean/Median/Mode (Descriptive Statistics) answer What to use when summarizing measurements question Linear Regression (Association Stats.) answer What to use when observing correlation/regression between 2 variables question X^2-Test of Association (Frequency Stats.) answer What to use when counts are taken instead of measurements […]

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