Essay on Steganography

Implementation Of Steganography For Audio File Format Computer Science

Abstract The project entitled Audio Steganography is the application developed to embed an audio file in another audio signal. It is concerned with embedding information in an innocuous cover Speech in a secure and robust manner. This system makes the Files more secure by using the concepts Steganography and Cryptography. Steganography, poor cousin of Cryptography […]

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Literature Review About Cryptography And Steganography Computer Science

The initial forms of data hiding can truly be considered to be extremely simple forms of private key cryptography, the “key” in this case being the information of the scheme being implemented. Steganography books are overflowing with examples of such schemes used all through history. Greek messengers had messages written into their shaved heads, hiding […]

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Literature Survey On Steganography

In this chapter, the literature survey on the steganography and various network security mechanisms are described. Many existing algorithms for steganography since 1991 to 2009 are studied and presented in this literature survey. Numbers of web sites as well as research papers are referred on virtualization, ARP Spoofing, IDS Architectures. The description of the research […]

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Steganography Using Lsb Insertion Technique Computer Science

Steganography is a method used for hiding a message by fixing in a carrier data. There are two types of data. They are internal data and external data .The external information contains visible part or audible part of data which is not useful for data owner and the internal information contains embedded data. The techniques […]

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Steganography And Visual Cryptography In Computer Forensics Computer Science

Recently, numerous novel algorithms have been proposed in the fields of steganography and visual cryptography with the goals of improving security, reliability, and efficiency. This paper discusses and compares the two methodologies. Some similarities and differences are presented, in addition to discussing some of the best known algorithms for each. Lastly, an idea for a […]

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What is Steganography?

A Genetic algorithm based crypt-steganography technique for message hiding in JPEG images Aleem Ali*, Sherin Zafarb, Reshmi Philip a)M. Tech Scholar, Jamia Hamdard(Hamdard University), Hamdard Nager, N. D-110062 b) F/O Engg, University Polytechnic, JMI, New Delhi-110025 Email: [email protected] com, [email protected] com, [email protected] com Running Head: A Genetic algorithm based crypt-steganography technique for message hiding in […]

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