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Airline Reservation System Ars Software Requirements Specifications Computer Science

Airline reservations system (ARS) is a online software application used to reserve and retrieve information and perform transactions related to air travel. Originally designed and performed by airlines, ARSes were later developed for the use of travel agencies. Major ARS operations that book and sell tickets for multiple airlines are known as Global distribution systems […]

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Functional Requirements of Airline Reservation System

This project deals with the development of a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document that specifies what an airline reservation system should and should not do. The SRS document is divided into five sections namely System Objectives This section lists all the goals and objectives of the system categorized based on the viewpoint of the airline […]

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Software Requirements Specification For A Checkers Application Computer Science

The project is a checkers game, which is implemented in android and contains some of its important features to the user such as single player (vs computer), and two player, save game. Purpose The purpose of this document is to describe the behavior of the Checkers game, including non-functional requirements of the checkers game, constraints […]

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The modern computer system specification

I’m one of the Managers of the Royal Star Company, also a programmer. When I visited to the Carmel Library, I found how to benefits the computers. So, I wanna report some information. First, we shouldn’t need to use the systems of the old computers because of the following reasons. We can’t install nowadays software […]

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Design Specification Persuasive

The product will be designed to be strong and durable. Function: To protect the tablet from taking severe damage if dropped. Because it is easy for an engineer to drop their tablet and the tablet will be easily broken from the impact of it being dropped. Performance requirements: To have a strap on the back […]

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Product Design Specification for a Motorized Wheelchair

Motorized wheelchairs are useful for those unable to propel a manual wheelchair or who may need to use a wheelchair for long distances or over terrain which would be fatiguing on a manual wheelchair. They may also be used not Just by people with “traditional” mobility impairments, but also by people with cardiovascular and fatigue […]

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Site Investigation Survey Process Strategy

The Objective of a process strategy is to build a production process that meets customer requirements and product specifications within cost and other managerial constraints. PT. Nokia Siemens Networks run business to business marketing and its main customers in the country include PT. Telkom, PT. Telekomunikasi Selular (PT. Telkomsel), PT. Indosat, PT. Excelcomindo, PT. Hutchinson […]

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The origins of the Strategy

This sphere has rapidly evolved for the company in the same manner: to make the aims. The corporate scheme today involved the specification over long term ends and aims that will make add value. Every facets of the organisation hold his ain map ( people, fundss, productions, and environment ) . A corporate scheme is […]

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Outline Specifications

OUTLINE SPECIFICATIONs AREA/ROOM SPECIFICATION 1) Foundation a) Footingsreinforced concrete, class A i) Reinforcement 16 mm. dia. rebars b) Columnsreinforced concrete, class A ii) Reinforcement 16 mm. dia. vertical bars, 10mm diameter lateral ties c) Wall footingreinforced concrete, class A iii) Reinforcement 10 mm. dia. bars 2) Beamsreinforced concrete, class A d) Reinforcement 16 mm. dia. […]

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Good Corporate Culture

“Corporate culture is the basic specifications which are created, discovered and developed by a specific organization in dealing with their own external adaptation and internal integration issues”. (Baeney, 2006) “It is used as a guide for organization members to feel, think and understand the issues related to cultural identity, including the guiding ideology of corporate, […]

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