Essay on Software Testing

Software testing

More and more applications which need to be platform independent and distributed processing rely on the web as a software architecture. Applications such as online shopping system,online registration system or process management system are typical examples which are implemented on the web architecture. Only a few commercial products have been announced to support web application […]

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Theory Of Computerized Enrollment System

A. Background of the Study As the universe alterations. engineering besides does. The companies areupgrading into a more beforehand strategy. and this includes the computing machines. Computers are one of the chief factors that help the companies deliver good services to the community. This sort of engineering has a good advantage to us since it […]

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Case Analysis “Cisco Systems”Implementing Erp”

Pete Solvik made a very good decision to upgrade the existing information system by implementing ERP when the company encountered a major shutdown for two days. One reason the project became successful was because of internal recruiting. The team consisted of the best business people. The company just did not rely on IT department, instead […]

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Alpha and Beta Testing

Introduction | Pre-Production Activities | Lesson Development | Alpha, Beta, and Pilot Testing Project Evaluation | Marketing | Packaging | Dissemination Alpha Test In software development, your alpha test, will be a test among yourselves (the teams) to confirm that your product works. Originally, the term alpha test meant the first phase of testing in […]

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