Essay on Smoke

Battle for Dunkirk

1. How useful are Sources A, B and C in understanding what the Battle for Dunkirk was like? Explain your answer. [10]Source A depicts an amalgamation of scenes from the evacuation of the Dunkirk beaches. In the background, great plumes of black smoke billow from the town; these were so huge that contemporary sources claim […]

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I’D Rather Smoke Than Kiss

In the 1990 article “I’d Rather Kiss than Smoke” in the National Review, Florence King tries to persuade her readers to look through a smoker’s eyes in a smokist world. King has been around people smoking even before she was born. Her mother started smoking when she was twelve and she started this habit when […]

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Smoking should be banned in campus

Smoking is a common habit in most American campuses which results from influence of peer pressure. Many university students smoke cigarettes or marijuana from their area of residence. A big percentage sees a lot of pleasure and prestige in smoking without considering the side effects of that magic stick. The habit of smoking is very […]

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Carlill V Carbolic Smoke Ball

The case of Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball is one of the most important cases in English legal history. It was so confident of the usefulness of the carbolic smoke ball, and its ability not only to cure but also to prevent someone from getting the flu, that it advertised on the following basis: (Anyone […]

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