Essay on Sleep Deprivation

Rabbit Proof Fenceexample

in Rabbit Proof Fence, Molly’s journey home to Jigalong is a journey from childhood to adulthood, which challenges her physically, emotionally and intellectually. Through the many obstacles Molly encounters and overcomes, she begins to understand her personal strength, allowing her the ability to mature and become independent. The geographical distance alone created a physical and […]

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Sleep Deprivation Disorder and Drugs

Sleep is of vital importance in keeping our body and mind healthy. I realized the significance of sleep in our lives from an experience I once encountered wherein I was not able to get enough sleep. When I was working for a school project barely two months ago, I did not sleep from 7 p. […]

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Sleep Deprivation And Mood Disorders

A recent area of research is that of mood disorders and their biological implications. The research looks at both the causal implications, such as genetic predisposition, and therapies that may be used (invasive and non-invasive). Sleep disturbances frequently are tied to mood disorders, often due to unusual circadian rhythms. Sleep disturbances also can “cure” mood […]

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