Essay on Skiing

An Overview of Biathlon

Biathlon is the sport that combines cross country skiing and rifle shooting. The literally means two sports, from the Greek words bi that is used to show a double presence and athlos that means sport. The word athlete comes from there as well. So the term can be used for any two sports that are […]

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International Ski Congress Moves Alpine Skiing Forward

This year’s International Ski Congress in Antalya, Turkey was an usually eventful one. Coming off of the wildly successful 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, delegates looked to take stock of their success while coming up with ways to move their sport forward. Many view this as a crucial moment for the sport of alpine skiing. Skiing […]

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Versions Of Ski Jumping

There are several different versions of Ski Jumping. Some of these are Freestyle skiing, Ski Flying, Water Ski Jumping, and others. Freestyle skiing is one of the versions that is closely related to aerial skiing. This version of ski jumping is not being officially managed by any specific authority or association in the world although […]

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Ski Jumping – The Techniques Involved

Ski jumping as a sport is constantly gaining a wide degree of popularity. The two geographical regions of the world wherein the maximum popularity has been felt for this sport are Central Europe and Scandinavia. The most popular and the ski jumpers of world class are known to come from Japan. Several attempts have been […]

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My First Ski Trip

My very first time skiing was not an enjoyable event for me. I was going with my best friend which usually promised to be a good time, however this was not so. Things got off to a bad start right from the beginning. My friend’s aunt was supposed to be giving us free lift tickets, […]

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Blue mountain resorts

1. Problem definition Blue Mountain Resorts were first built in 1941, and it is the largest family-operated ski resort in Canada. The major problem in this case is that the CEO of the Blue Mountain Resorts has to decide whether to install facilitates or not for the night skiing in 1979-1980 winter skiing season. Maintaining […]

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