Essay on Singapore Airlines

Executive Summary of Singapore Airlines

SIA was officially launched in 1972 after the split of the Malaysia-Singapore Airline. It went through tough time since its launch as it was small and barely had essential infrastructures and resources to compete on same ground with the big names then. Today, SIA is operating with 28, 000 strong workforce devoted to offer its […]

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Core competences of Virgin atlantic

1. Introduction “Strategic capability is about the ability to provide products and services with features that are valued by customers. Competitive advantage will be achieved by organisations that are able to do this better than their competitors and in ways that are difficult to imitate.” Johnson and Scholas, 2002; Pg. 183) This case study report […]

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An Overall Report on Singapore Airlines

PROJECT ON: SINGAPORE AIRLINES Introduction: Singapore Airlines Limited (Singapore Airlines) is a Singapore based airline company, engaged in providing airline operations, airport terminal services and engineering services. It provides both passenger as well as cargo and mail air transportation services to its customers worldwide. The company operates its business through three reportable segments, namely, airline […]

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Qantas Report

1. Executive Summary Qantas is one of the most recognised and longest running Australian companies. It is the world’s second oldest airline, and has a successful history to uphold (Qantas Web Site, 2008). Identification of target markets is imperative to Qantas’s success. Mortished (2003) explains that Qantas uses Behavioural segmentation to select its target market. […]

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Success of Singapore Airlines

Since its official formation dating back to 1947, Singapore Airlines have founded its business on world-class service quality in the airline industry. Such a reputation is built on core aspects of the airlines service delivery which includes features like the friendly service, prompt flights and in-flight entertainment system. As consumers, we only see these final […]

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Financial risk factors affecting Singapore Airlines

On a general perspective, SIA faces through financial and commodity risks, such of which comprises of changes in jet fuel prices, foreign exchange rates, interest rates and the market value of its investments. SIA uses derivatives to hedge against these vulnerabilities. Financial risk 1. Jet fuel price risk Like other airlines, Singapore airline’s (SIA) revenue […]

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Singapore Airlines Argumentative

Singapore Airlines is one of the most respected names in airline industry. The growth which this organization has made over the past few years has been nothing short of phenomenal. The management follows basic rules of customer satisfaction and cherishment and this customer service has given Singapore Airlines competitive advantage over its international rivals. Singapore […]

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Depreciation at Delta Airlines and Singapore Airlines

1. Calculate the annual depreciation expense that Delta and Singapore would record for each $100 gross value of aircraft. (a) For Delta, what was its annual depreciation expense (per $100 of gross aircraft value) prior to July 1, 1986; from July 1, 1986 through March 31, 1993; and from April 1, 1993 on? Prior to […]

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Singapore Airlines

The business strategies of Singapore Airlines In this paper, the business strategies of Singapore Airlines will be analyzed. This analysis will be divided into four categories as following: product-market strategies, consumer value proposition, assets and competencies and functional strategies. After discussing briefly the contents of business strategies adopted by SIA, the pattern of decision making […]

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