Essay on Sheriff

How does R C Sheriff convey his feelings about war in his play ‘Journey’s End’

‘Journey’s End’ is R. C. Sheriff’s portrayal of life during the First World War. First performed in 1928, the play is based on his own experiences serving in the army during wartime. In the play, he revives the conditions that he and his comrades lived and fought in and the challenges they had to face. […]

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In Montana 1948

In Montana 1948, written by Larry Watson, the events that took place irrevocably changed David Hayden’s life in several ways, both good and bad. The novel Montana 1948, is written from the point of view of David, the son of the Mercer County’s sheriff, Wesley Hayden and features many events which are indelible from his […]

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Case Study Analysis of Robin Hood

Lampel (1991) presents this theoretical case on Robin Hood. Robin wanted the Sheriff of Notthingham removed from office. Robin’s strategy was to create a state of unrest and make the sheriff fail in tax collection. He does this with the help of his Merrymen. They rob from the rich and give to the poor. By […]

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Cooper’s Ethical Decision-Making Model

Having a career in law enforcement can be a very rewarding endeavor, but at times there are hard ethical decisions that need to be made. When I left the Sheriff’s Office it was so I could be able to start my PhD and be able to dedicate my summers toward the requirements of the degree. […]

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