Essay on Shaving

Packaging Update for Soft and Silky Shaving Gel

In the past, women relied on men’s shaving products for their own personal shaving needs. Eventually, they found that men’s razors did more harm than good to the sensitive skin on a woman’s legs, bikini area and armpits. Fortunately, the personal care industry caught up with the times and introduced women’s shaving products. While they […]

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Gillette Indonesia Analysis

Indonesia is a country with a large, poorer rural population and a smaller, wealthier urban population. Shaving is relatively new to Indonesia, therefore there is tremendous growth potential for companies like Gillette. We base our recommendations for Gillette’s marketing strategy on a 3 C’s analysis Company: Gillette has positioned itself as the manufacturer of high […]

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Shaving in the Army

It is important to maintain discipline in the army, because essentially your life depends on it. If you forget to bring the battery to your radio, get lazy and don’t keep a low profile,or just say screw it and do what you want. You can get yourself or someone else killed or maimed for life. […]

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