Essay on Sex Industry

Social Vulnerability Human Trafficking In Nepal Sociology

This survey really is chiefly concern on the issue of societal exposure of the people from Nepal in the issue of human trafficking, by understanding the procedure and besides the context of migratory smuggling. This paper will besides concentrate on the different actions of the Nepal authorities from giving accent on their different undertakings, Torahs […]

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Is the sex industry Legitimate form of work

Sen ( 1999 ) argued that the enlargement of freedom is the chief agencies of development, hence, “ development requires the remotion of major beginnings of unfreedom ” ( p3 ) . Many people across the universe suffer from assortments of unfreedom, including those working in the sex industry in developing states such as Thailand, […]

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Decriminalisation of prostitution

Decriminalisation of prostitution is vital issue in protecting prostitutes from brutalisation by society. In this paper, emphasis is given to law govern decriminalizing and offering health and legal protection to the prostitutes themselves. Some information is added for decriminalisation of prostitution with reference to society in both economic and humanitarian aspects. It has been included […]

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