Essay on Rhetorical Question

Eng Standard Notes

Module A Sometimes Gladness x 3 Poems + Additional Texts – Road to Paradise + The Gruen Transfer MUST DO 3 POEMS!! ONLY DO 2ND ADDITONAL TEXT IF YOU HAVE TIME!!! Introduction • Answer the question • State poems I am using Dialogue can be defined as an attempt by the writers to mimic spoken […]

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Conflict Analysis

William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies presents significant issues relating to the concept of conflict. Through analysing characterisation and symbolism it is evident that conflict can be destructive to social order. The Black Eyed Peas music clip “Where is the Love? ” portrays the damaging nature of conflict, resulting in chaos, by the use […]

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Anthem For Doomed Youthexample

Owen uses a contrast within the title , “Doomed Youth” , he does this deliberately because using “doomed youth” , puts the young people of war and he try’s to discourage them as it is nothing like what the propaganda claim it to be. The first question highlights animal imagery , “dying like cattle” , […]

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Poetry Comparison

A poem is an expression of emotion or ideas through literary work, often with a distinctive style and rhythm. Kenneth Slessor’s ‘Beach Burial’ and Bruce Dawe’s ‘Elegy for Drowned Children’ both present ideas on how individuals lament for the passed, through the major theme of death. Beach Burial follows the recurring events of the battle […]

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