Essay on Reptiles

Science absolute dating,mass extinction,geologic time periods

Paleozoic period spanning from roughly 541 to 252.17 million years ago. Pangea A supercontinent containing all of Earth’s land that existed about 225 million years ago. Triassic period Part of the Mesozoic Era, the period when dinosaurs first appeared. (248-213 million years ago) Jurassic period Occurred between 206-144 million years ago. The dinosaurs dominated. The […]

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Geology 2150 Mizzou Age of Dinosaurs Exam 2

Cambrian Explosion Appearance of macroscopic life Age of earth ~4.6 billion years Agnathids jaw-less fishes Examples of agnathids hagfish Ostracoderms extinct jawless fishes Gnathostomes jawed fishes Gnathostomes groups (four total) placoderms (armored fishes), acanthodians(spiny sharks), chondrichthyans(sharks and rays), osteichthyans(bony fish) Which gnathostome groups are extinct? (two total) placoderms and acanthodians Name the two sub-groups of […]

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Earth’s Past and Geologic Time

absolute dating A technique used to determine the actual age of a fossil radiometric dating Calculate the absolute age of a rock by knowing the half life of an isotope that is present in the rock relative-age dating chronological ordering of geological strata featurs fossils or events without reference to their absolute age radiocarbon dating […]

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Science Chapter 11 Geologic Time(For Final Exam)

Eras are not equal divisions of time while hours are not. How is the relationship between eons and eras different than the relationship between hours and minutes? epoch, period, era, eon Shows the divisions of the geologic time line from least to greatest gas and dust and gas from volcanoes These could cause a mass […]

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The Making Of The Cat

IN THE VERY BEGINNING, about 4.6 billion years ago (give or take a few years), a small ball of rock, water and gas had come to be and immedi- ately set about the process of combining its atoms into more and more complex arrangements. Thus began that most wondrous story, the evolu- tion of life […]

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Review Sheet 1 the Language of Anatomy

R E V I E W S H E E T EXERCISE 1 Print Form The Language of Anatomy Surface Anatomy 1. Match each of the following descriptions with a key equivalent, and record the key letter or term in front of the description. Key: a. b. buccal calcaneal 1. 2. 3. c. d. cephalic […]

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Eggshell as an Effective Component of Making Tiles

Tiles are especial things created by man to protect our house’s parts such as roofs, floors, walls, etc. Because it is useful to man, tiles lessen faster than ever since our population grows faster. Most of the Filipinos caught sick. This Is because dirt, bacteria, or maybe harmful Insects such as cockroaches, usually attracted to […]

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Upper Limbs and Thorax

Give the attachments, nerve supply and actions of: Trapezium, deltoid, serrated anterior, triceps brachia, biceps brachia, pronto trees, floor distributor superficial, floor distributor propounds, aspirator, muscles of Athena eminence, lumberjacks. TRAPEZIUM : a) Flat muscle. B) It covers back of neck and upper part of trunk Origin : External occipital protuberance Medial one-third of superior […]

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Oia of Cat Muscle

Dermal Muscles 1. Panniculus carnosus/ Cutaneous maximus 2. Platysma Muscles of Abdominal Wall 1. External Oblique O: Lumbodorsal fascia & posterior ribs I: neurosis, linea alba & pubis A: constrictor of abdomen 2. Internal Oblique O: 2nd sheet of the lumbodorsal fascia & border of the pelvic girdle I: linea alba A: compressor of the […]

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Bre’s Research

A)Which clue would tell Stefan which scapular surface was anterior and which was posterior? What is the name of the shallow, oval socket of the scapula that Stefan placed next to the humerus? The medial border of the scapula is the longest of the three borders, and extends from the superior to the inferior angle. […]

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