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Record Labels

HOME FREE DRUM BREAKS EQUIPMENT-REVIEWS RECORD-LABEL-CONTACTS HIP-HOP-INSTRUMENTALS ABOUT RECORD LABEL CONTACTS 143 Records 530 Wilshire Blvd. , Suite 101 Santa Monica, CA 90401 Phone: 310-899-0143 Fax: 310-899-0133 A&M Records 1416 North Lebrea Ave. Hollywood, CA 90028 Aftermath Records 2220 Colorado Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 Phone: 310-865-7642 Fax:310-865-7068 American Recordings 3500 West Olive Ave. Suite […]

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Week Major Paper

The establishment of one of the most influential independent (referred to as Indies) labels shed a picture on the evident control money and muscle affords he parent companies (I. E. The major label). The musical expression and the business behind the release of such prove to be as crippling to contractors (I. E. Artist/performers) as […]

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Overview of the Record labels industry

The aim of this report is to overview the record labels industry. We will first introduce the music industry and its markets. We will define the role of record labels within this industry: recording artists and their composition. We will then notice the dominance of major companies and the place of independent labels in that […]

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