Essay on Razor

Retortical Shaving

Title The Gillette Safety Razor Wicked you like to eliminate the chance of bleeding on your clean shirt at the start of everyday? The early twenties were a time when a clean look could be the difference between landing that new Job or a promotion. The Gillette Safety Razor gave promise to a faster, safer […]

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Gillette Safety Razor Division: Blank Cassette Project

In late 1970, after the split-off of the Toiletries Division, the Gillette Safety Razor Division (SRD) is considering a proposal to enter the blank recording cassettes market to try to achieve its assigned earnings growth target. The blade and razor business is mature and the SRD knows it won’t be able to achieve the growth […]

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Clean Edge Razor

What changes are occurring in the non-disposable razor category? Paramount is facing not only the traditional, on-going competition from the other long term, established companies in the market, but faces increasing challenges to its market share from new entrants as well. Traditionally, the market consisted of disposable and non-disposable razors, but within the last few […]

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Gillette – College

Gillette dominates 70% of global razor market; their strategy is to keep on producing new products, developing new innovations, and remaining as the market leader in men’s grooming market. Gillette introduced its first razor in 1903; by 1971, they invented Trac II “the world’s first two-blade razor”. Comparing to the original one-bladed razor, the two […]

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