Essay on Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams: Moral Lesson

It’s a story about unconditional love and real beauty”beauty that comes from the inside. The rabbit is teased first by the more modern and “high tech” toys in the boys room because he has no cranks or springs or other mechanical parts. Then he’s teased by the real rabbits because he doesn’t look like a […]

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The Rabbit Proof Fence

The Rabbit Proof Fence is an epic tale based on a true story. Set in early 20th century Australia, the moving journey follows the adventures of three young ‘half-caste’ girls. The government captures them and takes them to a special settlement. This film really brings out emotions in the audience. Be prepared to feel sadness, […]

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The Bungling Host

There were Bear and Rabbit who became friends. They invited each other to their house. When Rabbit came to Bear’s house, Bear sat Rabbit down and cook with beans and a lot of good lard which Bear got it while Bear went round back of his house. Rabbit ate all he could. When Rabbit was […]

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The Rabbit Catcher

Sylvia Plath initially wrote ‘The Rabbit Catcher’ in 1962. It detailed the events of a daytrip to the country and her feelings towards some rabbit traps she found. The subtext of the poem was that of the marital strife she was going through with her husband Ted Hughes. Ted Hughes wrote a series of poems […]

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Donnie Darko Analysis

Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a Middlesex high schooler that suffers from mental disabilities, and has refused to take his medication. One night during the 1988 presidential election, the grotesque, demonic, giant rabbit known only as “frank”, tells him that the world will exactly end in 28 days, six hours, forty two minutes and twelve […]

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Rabbit Proof Fenceexample

in Rabbit Proof Fence, Molly’s journey home to Jigalong is a journey from childhood to adulthood, which challenges her physically, emotionally and intellectually. Through the many obstacles Molly encounters and overcomes, she begins to understand her personal strength, allowing her the ability to mature and become independent. The geographical distance alone created a physical and […]

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

“Slow and steady wins the race” All must have read the story of the race between the Rabbit and the tortoise. Tortoise, the slowest creature wins at the end as he was steady through out the race. The same applies in our life. Every day we run a race no matter what we are. To […]

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My Friend Rabbit

When Mouse lets his best friend, Rabbit, play with his brand-new airplane, trouble isn’t far behind. Of course, Rabbit has a solution — but when Rabbit sets out to solve a problem, even bigger problems follow. Every child who’s ever had someone slightly bigger or slightly older over to play will recognize this story about […]

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