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Embalming Fluid The New High

A chemical used to preserve the dead is becoming an increasingly popular drug for teenagers and young adults looking for a new and different high. Amp, clickem, crazy eddie, drank, fry, illy, purple rain, wack, wet, and wet daddy known to the average person as embalming fluid is the newest drug craze that is hitting […]

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The Color Purple Research Paper

Introduction Alice Walker’s novel revolves around major issues that were associated predominantly by medieval black community at a time when aspects regarding slavery were taking front stage in almost any argument. The novel therefore provides significant reflection of the developing aspects regarding the position of the woman in the society and consequently this sees the […]

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Color Purple Narrative

Celli starts to lose self-esteem from Pa words and soon believes every word. Another example of Celli feeling unattractive is her and Chug are expressing themselves. She quoted: “She Say, love you, Miss Celli. And then she haul off and kiss me on the mouth. 1. Mm, she say, like she surprise. I kiss her […]

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The Color Purple Research Paper Analysis

Cypher betrays his comrades s can once again live in the computer simulation. In the Plato cave allegory piece, there is a dialogue taking place between Socra and Plato’s brother Glaucon. Here, Socrates describes a scenario in which men ar held captive as prisoners in a cave from childhood. The men have their legs and […]

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Mrs Turner Cutting The Grass & The Purple Pileus Comparison

Both “The Purple Pileus” and “Mrs. Turner Cutting the grass” have many similarities, of which the most significant is the way both stories are concerned about how other people judge the appearances and values of the central characters. However, the authors differ, with regard to how they go about illustrating this theme to the reader. […]

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How Walker and Atwood present the self awakening of key characters within the Colour Purple and Margaret Atwood poems

Both writers explore the plight of women and condemn the acts of sexism and racism. Walker and Atwood both show how women can overcome the harsh situations that occur, however the writers do this using various different styles. The life of Celie in “The Color Purple” emphasises the hardships and joys of black people, focussing […]

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The Color Purple and I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

‘I know Why The Caged Bird Sings’ written by Maya Angelou and ‘The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker both express the same main themes of, abuse, racism and overcoming difficulties. Maya Angelou tends to reflect past circumstances and often conveys her views through her novels and poetry. Alice Walker similarly writes about the situations between […]

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The Color Purple Analysis

“Twentieth century American literature is often overtly political, but also says much about humanity in general.” By a detailed comparison of The Color Purple with at least one other text you have studied, show how far you agree that it is possible to see twentieth century writing in these terms. The Color Purple, set in […]

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English Literature: Comparing Texts on the Colour Purple by Alice Walker

Rites of passage or baptisms of fire are part of the process of growing up. Compare and contrast the ways in Jeannette Winterson and Alice Walker present growing up in the light of this comment. ‘The Colour Purple’ and ‘Oranges are not the Only Fruit’, both novels share strong themes of bildungsroman, which is a […]

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The Color Purple Argumentative

The Color Purple was published in 1982, and became the work that propelled Alice Walker into the position of one of the best known contemporary African-American writers. It was a success with both critics and the reading public, and it earned Walker the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1983. The Color Purple is a 1982 […]

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