Essay on Punishments

The analysis of Perpetuity

With these increased crimes, punishments have also increased in magnitude. In order to foster a successful career as a future Flanagan planner/ advisor, I must be extremely aware of the various laws and regulations that relate to this field and to the many before me that have fallen victim to these crimes. In the last […]

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Capital Punishmentsample

Topic: Capital PunishmentSpecific Purpose: To persuade my audience that capital punishment should be abolished for various reasons. Thesis Statement: Capital punishment is not a solution; it is a burden on society and does more harm than good.I. INTRODUCTIONA. Attention Material/Credibility Material: The taking of human life has been strongly condemned by most world religions and […]

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How might we best explain the rise of the prison as a replacement for other punishments

This essay aims to account for the rise of the prison as a replacement for other types of punishment during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. First explaining what the ‘other punishments’ were and the practical and ideological reasons that led to their decline. For example how public opinion turned against capital punishment feeling […]

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Social Norms

The way of behavior of a certain community or society constitutes its social norms (Myers, 1993). Every member of that society strictly adheres to those norms; and any violation is usually received with indifference. In order to investigate the power of social norms, I carried out a rather unusual activity – one that was clearly […]

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Reefer Madness

In Schlosser’s first chapter “Reefer Madness,” he gathers plausible historical facts and counter-arguments to argue that the punishments for marijuana use are extraneous and unreasonable. He suggests that if the United States government decriminalizes marijuana for personal use, it would save the time and money that could be spent on more serious endeavors, and by […]

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