Essay on Puberty

Describe Physical Intellectual Emotional and Social development for each of the life stages of individual

PregnancyThis begins when the fertilised egg cell start to divide, after two or more days the fertilised egg would have grown to the size of a pin head. After 8 weeks the foetus would have grown 3-4cm and the eyes, ears, mouth, arms and legs would have started developing. The development of the foetus will […]

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Adolescent egocentrism

Teenagers manifest their egocentrism through imaginary audience and personal fables. Whereby, teenagers walk around as if they have an imaginary audience watching very move they make. A good example of imaginary audience will be when a parent tries to show his affection in the public to his teenage son or when his friends are around. […]

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Adolescent Self-Portrait

Identify specific changes that tend to be the most striking and have the greatest effect on personality. Adolescent differs according to culture and takes place when an individual transitions from a child into adulthood. The term adolescent means “to grow in maturity “and it comes from the Latin verb adolescere. In our society, there is […]

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The social emotional development among the adolescents

Adolescence experiences various physical changes in their body and these results to change in behavior. Social-emotional development which involves interacting positively with an individual or group should be highly encouraged when dealing with this sensitive group. It involves sharing of ideas and improving ones self-esteem through activities like socializing, games and community work.

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