Essay on Psychotherapy

Interventions That Apply Scripture in Psychotherapy Argumentative

constantly reminded of Abraham’s story during times when I was impatient with The inner healing prayer actually worked in such a way that one night I dreamed of all of those painful memories and in each situation I looked up to see Christ in each one of them. I found that He had never left […]

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Theories and Methods in Counseling

Theories and Methods in Counseling Genevieve Bogusky Liberty University Abstract This paper will take the reader briefly through the three grand theories of counseling in psychology and then onto the two emergent theories, which are based on observation, biology, sociology or anthropology. From that framework, some methods/therapies will be discussed and then a brief look […]

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Structural Therapy

In 1975 Minuchin stepped down as director of clinic, but remained head of training until 1981. As have other family therapy theorists, Salvador Minuchin has developed his own form of family therapy, known as structural family therapy (SFT). SFT utilizes not only a unique systems terminology, but also a means of depicting key family parameters […]

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Systemic Questioning

Interview Project: Interviewing Styles: Learning to Think Like a MFT COUN 5220 Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy February 19, 2012 Abstract Creating trust in the helping relationship is one of the fundamentals of family therapy. Not only must the family learn to trust the counselor, but also the counselor must trust that the family […]

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Structural Family Therapy in Families

The structural family therapy (SFT) developed by Salvador Minuchin can help families that have structural problems caused by ineffective members of the family. One particular example is the family whose parents are ineffective in rearing their children because of non-involvement. The dysfunctional structure is identified by its inability to adapt to various stressors. The focus […]

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Person Centered Theory

A theory basing on concepts from humanistic psychology, also known as the “third force” in Psychotherapy by Carl Rogers, Person Centered Theory started its journey in the Psychotherapy field in the early 1940s, in which, according to Corey (2009, p. 65), “stands out as one of the most influential figures in revolutionizing the direction of […]

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The Implications of a Multicultural Psychotherapy Treatment Plan

This report summarizes the implementation of a Multicultural Psychotherapy treatment plan with Precious Jones, an eighteen year old African-American single mother of two. Precious was referred by the Student Counseling Center at a community college in Harlem, New York which she attends. The client’s presenting problems were struggling to adjust to a new college environment […]

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A Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective

This will discuss the topic if a personalised induction is always more effective and will look at the theoretical concepts and techniques. I will be looking at the permissive technique through the work of Erickson and on the opposite end of the scale I will take a look at the use of authoritarian screeds through […]

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Theoretical Orientation

My personal theoretical orientation to counseling is Cognitive-Behavioral therapy. Cognitive-Behavioral therapy helps the client to uncover and alter distortions of thought or perceptions which may be causing or prolonging psychological distress. The theoretical foundations of CBT are essentially those of the behavioral and cognitive approaches. CBT leads to a clear, persuasive, and evidence-based description of […]

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