Essay on Probability Theory

Probability Theory and Decision Making

The uses of probability theory with Decision Making are key tools for corporations to made key decisions on new markets and investments. CoffeTime Corporation used Key Tools such as Bayes Theorem and comparisons of probabilities of random and continuous variables in order to access the best approach for the initial phase of the operations for […]

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Amore Frozen Foods

Assumptions: -Production Rate 1,000 dozen pies every 20 minutes -Monthly Production – 60,000 dozen pies -Yearly production – 720,000 dozen pies – Thrift store demand – 240 dozens per month -Thrift store storage max – 1000 dozen pies -Rejected batches are first sold at the Thrift Store and excess donated to charity -The threat of […]

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Statistical Analysis for Managers

Problems Chapter 7 1. A population of 1,000 students spends an average of $10. 50 a day on dinner. The standard deviation of the expenditure is $3. A simple random sample of 64 students is taken. a. What are the expected value, standard deviation, and shape of the sampling distribution of the sample mean? b. […]

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Mktg 301 – 3725 words – College

7) Data from a small bookstore are shown in the accompanying table. The manager wants to predict Sales from Number of Sales People Working. Number of sales people working| Sales (in $1000)| 4| 12| 5| 13| 8| 15| 10| 16| 12| 20| 12| 22| 14| 22| 16| 25| 18| 25| 20| 28| x=11. 9| y=19. […]

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