Essay on Preacher

Dance for the Devil

In the short story “Dance for the Devil” by Edward McCourt the preacher within the course of the story is the protagonist and a dynamic character. He comes across as a confident man unsure of his surroundings but true to his words. Coming into a lawless town as a man of religion on a mission […]

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Father’s Day Sermon

The speaker is Steve Scoggins who is the preacher at First Baptist Church of Opelika. The setting was in a big white church with several members. We were greeted with big smiles and the church bulletin. My family and I sat in the balcony like most Sunday mornings. We sang hymns and songs and prayed […]

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4 Kinds of Personalities

There is this preacher that my mom loves so much because of his ways in spreading the wo rd of God. His name is Bo Sanchez. Bo started as a weakling, shy and quiet person but God sent him on a mission. Now, he is an encourager and a lifter to people who are confused, […]

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