Essay on Physical Security

Industrial Security Analysis

Industrial security was mainly formed by a number of security managers from some big companies in 1940s to talk about the regulations of the government. The main aim of the professionals was to be able to gather and share information together and together they formed American society for Industrial Security. This society has been in […]

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Using Big Data to Defend Against Cyber Threats

Abstract In today’s world, there are petabytes of data being moved by the minute, that data is analyzed and algorithms are developed so companies can critique and improve their services, ultimately increasing their profit, this is called BIG DATA. Majority of the being moved holds critical information such as social security numbers, health information, locations, […]

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Pert Example

A simple six-activity project is used to illustrate: the identification of project activities, development of activity time estimates, the development of the project network, the development of the PERT/CPM critical path and the probability of on-time completion using the critical path, the development of the critical chain, and the probability of on-time completion using the […]

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The Impact of Security Founding Fathers in Security Operations

Americans value security so much that they would go as far as installing security cameras and alarms to ensure their safety. But the situations today are different from past decades. Today, anyone can have access to different security measures; whereas decades ago, only the very rich and privileged ones can afford it. The contributions of […]

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Business Lawtopics

You own University Heights Apartments, a business that rents primarily to students. One evening, your tenant Sharon is attacked by an intruder who forces the lock on the sliding glass door of her ground-floor apartment. Sharon’s screams attract the attention of Darryl, your resident manager, who comes to Sharon’s aid. Together, he and Sharon drive […]

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