Pharmacy Improvement Services at Cvs

The Service Process at (CVS) The process consisted of five basic steps (refer to Figure 1), the first being the drop off. A customer would drop off a script and write the requested pickup time on the script itself, then put it in a box that was divided into a number of slots. These slots […]

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Whelan Pharmacy

Executive Summary In today’s business world, production cost was an increasing concern for companies working to stay competitive in the global marketplace. The top management must search for a global solution to drive down costs and reduce difficult activities associate with inventory management and production management. Global sourcing aimed to exploit global efficiencies in the […]

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Pharmacy Assistants with Hep B and Parenteral Products Preparation

Pharmacy, like medicine is a very old profession. It has existed as early as the ancient times. Up to now, it remains a profession that is considered mysterious and very intriguing. From the apothecaries of the olden times to today’s generation, the pharmacy profession has evolved into a form of art and science of preparing, […]

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