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Landscape and the Fall of Icarus

The Greek mythological figure Icarus is best known for his tragic and life-ending plunge into the Aegean Sea (Oxford English Dictionary: “Icarus”). Icarus’s refusal to heed his father’s advice led to his demise. The infamous myth symbolizes “ambitious or presumptuous acts which end in failure or ruin” (OED: “Icarian”). Pieter Brueghel the Elder’s four hundred […]

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How have the Poets you have studied explored different aspects of Love

Before I answer the question, I need to look at what love is. Love can be defined in many ways. The Oxford English dictionary defines love as: ‘an intense feeling of deep affection’ or ‘a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone’. However love means something different to different people. To some people love can […]

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How does Austen represent women’s agency in Emma

The term ‘agency’ is used to signify the ‘ability or capacity to act or exert power’ (Oxford English Dictionary, 2013) therefore when referring to ‘women’s agency’, one implies the feminist philosophical idea of women’s capacity for independent choice and action. Jane Austen’s Emma was published in the early 19th Century (Whalan), an era in which […]

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