Essay on Orthodoxy

How far was military defeat responsible for the fall of the Tsar in Feb 1917

By 1917 Russia had been at War for three years and the strains on the both the army and the country itself were becoming more and more established as time went on and people were beginning to question the Tsar’s rule. Previous to 1917 the Tsar had suffered many setbacks as ruler of Russia. The […]

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Why did the Tsar survive the 1905 revolution but not the 1917 revolution

Many different tsars have ruled over Russia since 1547. The tsars were like kings, they had the power to do as they pleased. All the tsars dealt with any problems with an immediate, forceful strike against them.When Tsar Nicholas II came to power he appeared to be a good ruler, he was hard working and […]

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The difficulties the Tsar faced in Russia from 1900 until 1914

There is no doubt that the tsar faced difficulties in the years leading up to the First World War. These difficulties can be divided into political and social and economic problems. In terms of the political problems the Tsar faced, there was the fact that he was an autocrat not listening to anyone else’s views […]

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How Did The Tsar Survive The 1905 Revolution Analysis

The 1905 revolution was a dangerous time for the Tsar of Russia at the time, Nicholas II. There was much unrest among the Russian people during the early years of the 20th century and many revolutionary groups were beginning to emerge as an immediate threat to the Tsar and his regime. The tsar had been […]

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How Did The Tsar Survive The 1905 Revolution

Many things where going against the Tsar at that time but was the main factor? It is thought to be one of three, the failing of the opposition, and the use of force and the makings of concessions. I will investigate these factors then come to conclusion on which factor was actually most influential.The reason […]

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Tsar Nicholas

In 1917, Tsar Nicholas the second abdicated from the Russian throne. This was because the Russian people had had enough of his autocratic ways. Nicholas was mainly responsible for his own downfall in 1917 but he was not wholly to blame for what happened. He was not brought up with any guidance of being a […]

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How Far Were Divisions Amongst Opponents

How far were divisions amongst opponents responsible for the survival of Tsarist rule, 1881 – 1905? Divisions of opposing groups of the Tsar were important to the survival of Tsarist Russia. However, other factors such as the church, the belief of the divine right, the army and the Okhrana were also effective in keeping the […]

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