Essay on Oregon

Old Oregon Wood Store

We explored three different options, given the need to create a division of work that would maximize the number of tables manufactured per day by either utilizing four or five employees and allowing the employees to either be part of the manufacturing process or manufacture tables on their own. We first decided to combine the […]

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Death with Dignity

Death with Dignity, Is it possible? Nora BlakeBohecker College- Westerville English 241 Abstract Death with dignity, is it possible? It is a common belief that people should take control of their lives, therefore, should be also allowed to take control of our death? Can one have quality of life while dying? Who determines if we […]

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Dan Cooper

In 1971 a normal looking man in his mid 40s purchased a one way ticket from Portland Oregon to Seattle Washington under the name Dan Cooper. After the flight that consisted of 5 crew members, 37 passengers took to the air; the man passed a small note to one of the two flight attendants. Flo […]

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Wise Choice Process

Will challenge me to push myself in positive ways outside of my comfort zone, since I usually sit back and wait for others to take charge or tell me what I need to do. Academic confidence/success I did poorly in school at Oregon and since then I have felt inadequate. If I can push myself […]

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