Essay on Orchestra

Concert Report for MUSI 3300

I had an opportunity to attend a concert by the University Symphony Orchestra. The university orchestra was the only performer of the day. And it performed “An Evening of Handel, Schubert, and Haydn” on 0ctober 4th. The concert was held at the school’s Boss Recital room. The look of the architecture of the room is […]

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Music History

20th Century Music TermsTerms to know:Impressionism – Style originating in France of only giving the impression, not details of a scene. The music sounds dreamy, blocks of sounds rather that following a Tonic/Dominant formula. The term comes from a painting by Monet entitled: Impression:SunriseAvant-guard – New or experimental art, music and ideas developed by the […]

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Medium of Music

Medium of Music Tone is the medium of music and refers to the sound that travels through air and reaches the audience. It is produced by an instrument or by the voice and has 4 qualities: * Timbre * Pitch * Duration * Intensity Timbre (also called tone color or tone quality) is the distinctive […]

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Philharmonic Musicians

Question 1: Types of stressors experienced by the Philharmonic musicians. Physical stressors. The Philharmonic musicians suffer from physical demands which emanate from playing the musical instruments and continued practice which may lead to physical repetitive injuries and fatigue. Playing an instrument is an unnatural act which requires the musician to combine talent, training, physical and […]

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Evolution of the Orchestra

From as early as the 17th century, all the way up until the 21st century, there have been revolutionary changes all over the globe. Countless advances in technology, philosophy, and art have changed the way people live forever. In a world where technology has gone from telegrams to handheld computers, the fact that the musical […]

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Andrea Jung orchestrates Avon’s Makeover

Effective leadership must have certain personality traits and skills contribute to the effectiveness of leadership. General personality traits associated with personal leadership include self-confidence, humility, trustworthiness, authenticity, extraversion, assertiveness, enthusiasm, optimism, warmth, and sense of humor (Dubrin, 2010, p.34). Another aspect is the skills of leadership which important for leadership success. Cognitive skill is necessary […]

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Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein was born as Louis Bernstein in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He was the son of Ukrainian Jewish parents who were Jennie and Samuel Joseph Bernstein; His father was a supplies wholesaler from Rovno, which is now Ukraine. Despite of his family name, he was not related to film composer Elmer Bernstein. His family spent summers […]

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Orpheus Orchestra

The Orpheus Orchestra is a unique full function, Grammy winning, twenty eight (28) member, Orchestra. Orpheus is considered unique because it is comprised of world class musicians who perform and practice without a conductor. Because of this fact Orpheus has been described as being leaderless, but this is not the case as each member is […]

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