Essay on Ontario

Leandro Andrade

In California, the court heard that On November 4, 1995, Leandro Andrade was involved in a robbery where he stole five videotapes form Kmart store in Ontario California. Two weeks after the robbery On November 4, 1995, Leandro again stole four videotapes this time form a different Kmart store located in Montclair California. The prosecution […]

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School receives computers as reward

The new computers where a reward donated because the school had achieved the highest Literacy test average in Ontario. A Former student of Reindeer Secondary School donated 30 brand new computers to the school for achieving the highest Literacy test results. The former student Mr.. Thompson said ” I remember using the old computers at […]

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Is Racial Profiling Justifiable?

Is Racial Profiling Justifiable? Muslim cleric Aslam Abdullah was in Las Vegas to deliver a sermon on post-9/11 racial tolerance and was rushing back to Ontario for an afternoon meeting. He was just made his way to the back of the full plane and buckled himself into the only remaining seat when he was summoned. […]

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Northern and Southern Ontario as a Periphery and Core

The concept of the dependency theory is one used to describe the relationship between core countries and periphery countries. In this theory, the nations comprising the periphery are poor countries, whose main purpose is the extraction of raw material. The raw material extracted from these countries flow towards the core, which happen to be the […]

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