Essay on Old Testament

The Study of the Old Testament: Geography and History

Many scholars agree that to fully comprehend a text as historical and geographically diverse as the Bible, one must have some knowledge of history and geography. History is the key when reading the Bible. For example, one must understand that although Abraham and Saint Peter are both included in texts in the Bible, they lived […]

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Overview of 12 Old Testament

ASSIGNMENT 1 Introduction If we take a expression at the Bible, it is interesting to observe that 40 % of the stuff in the bible consists of narrations, narratives and is really the most common type of authorship. The primary faith confessions of both Christianity and Judaism tell us that God has revealed Himself in […]

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Sin in the Old Testament

Sin is a topic that was given special attention in the Old Testament times. This is because the entry of sin into the world through Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden changed the course of religious history for ever. At one point God Himself reckons that He was grieved by the fact that […]

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Prayer of Jabez

Prayer is one subject that every serious Christian holds very important in their spiritual lives. Through it, a child of God talks to his/her Father in heaven. It is a means of communication to God as prescribed in the Bible. Thus, given the importance of it in the minds of Christians in general, it’s not […]

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Canonization of scriptures

The ancient world was not the world of railways, airplanes and radio; it greatly differed from nowadays. Today’s trip in few hours could take months and, even, years. The earliest collections of the Bible were incomplete and a tiresome work of scribes could not cover the needs of citizens. Moreover, the sacred scriptures had to […]

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