Essay on Oedipus At Colonus

Antigone – 1185 words – College

The first appearance of the sentry comes just after Creon has been drilling in the point to the Senators that anyone caught burying Polynices’ body will be given the death penalty, regardless of the circumstances. At this point, as the Sentry, I would enter, taken by two guards; each guard would have grabbed one f […]

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Noting Details

The meaning of noting details is a brief record of something that one has written down on paper. This may be a statement, a quote, a definition or a phrase one may have written down in order to remember. This noting of details may be used later in a speech, an essay or any other […]

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Antigone Theme

Antigone| Quote| Comments| Analysis| 1. “And now what is the proclamation that they tell of made lately by the commander, publicly,/to all people? Do you know it? Have you heard it? /Don’t you notice when evils due to enemies/are headed towards those we love? “Line 8-12| Antigone speak to Ismene about their brother Polyneices, that […]

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Oedipus The King Summary

Oedipus Rex has an extremely unusual plot but it has a recognizable beginning. Oedipus the King relates the story of Oedipus who reached Thebes, having killed on the way an old man with whom he picked a quarrel. The city of Thebes was then suffering terribly because of the monster, the Sphinx. He solved her […]

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