Essay on North America

Why Didnt the Vikings Get Credit for Discovering America

Who discovered America? When most people think about this, the first thing that comes to mind is Christopher Columbus. When Columbus returned from the Antilles in 1493, he was not the first European to have stepped foot on the New World. What if I were to say that the Vikings were the ones who actually […]

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North American Indian Timeline

North American Indian Timeline (1492-1999) 1492 From their nakedness, Columbus inferred the native people to be an inferior race. Columbus wrote of the Indians he encountered, “They all go around as naked as their mothers bore them; and also the women. ” However, he noted that “they could easily be commanded and made to work, […]

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The Wild Side of North American Prehistory

The American public’s interest in the fantastic secrets locked away in the new found North American was at it height in the early 1800s. There were many people wiling to step up and fill the public’s taste of adventure and mystery buried in their neighboring hills. The people couldn’t get enough of the fantastic. These […]

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Flourishing North American Cultures

2000 years before Europeans began to arrive in the New World, the last era of the pre-Columbian development began. North American cultures such as the Mississippian culture, the Hopewell Tradition, and the Hohokam culture experienced growth and environmental adaptation throughout this era. Major contributions and innovations of Native Americans have developed and been passed on […]

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North American Free Trade Agreement

Executive Summary Purpose of the Report The intent of this study is to supply information on the negative impact NAFTA has on Mexico. For that end, this undertaking focuses on how preexistent and post-NAFTA dissymmetries between Mexico and United States, and trade liberalisation under NAFTA relate to negative consequences in Mexico ‘s economic system. This […]

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Huawei Globalisation Case Study

HUAWEI GLOBALISATION CASE STUDY (Sourced from: Donglin Wu and Fang Zhao, International Review of Business Research Papers, Vol. 3 No. 1. March 2007, Pp. 183 – 196). 1. The Profile of Huawei Huawei Technologies P/L was founded in 1988. It provides customized network solutions for telecom carriers around the world and specializes in research and […]

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Pro-Solutrean vs Anti-Solutrean

Pro-Solutrean Argument1. Technological similaritiesTheir argument is that these weapons/tools they are using are similar to the ones that were used in Europe. He says, “Simple crude tools were comparable in age to early Paleolithic tools of Europe.” They kept finding similar spear points in New Mexico. When they first started to colonize here they were […]

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Slavery Effects on North America

Slaveries effects on North America Slavery was present in the United States from the moment the declaration of independence was signed. It’s presence during this critical time period of development in the United States, from the day the United States was founded and beforehand allowed for it to interweave itself in almost all aspects of […]

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Slavery In The North American Colonies

When the Dutch settled in their North American colonies, they brought with them slaves to do the manual labor on their farms. These Africans arrived from the Caribbean in 1625 or 1626 as slaves to the Dutch West India Company . The slaves were required to build the new settlement, but rules regarding their servitude […]

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Native Americans

Among the many cultures around the world, the Native American community is one of the many minorities who have gone through horrid times and still struggle to preserve their traditions. Their submission to the mainstream Anglo-Americans has led to a lot of issues. These are presented in Blue Winds Dancing by Tom White Cloud, This […]

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Competition Among the North American Warehouse Clubs

What is competition like in North American wholesale club industry? Competition among the North American wholesale club industry is pretty high. Everyone tries to achieve lower prices by reducing the cost in displayed items on pallets or inexpensive shelving. They also have very low costs for store decor and fixtures and comparatively low labor cost […]

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