Essay on Nicotine

Comparative harms of legal and illegal drugs

There is much harm that comes about due to the use of drugs, legal or illegal. For starters there are many health risks that one takes if he or she abuses the power of drugs. Someone that is addicted to drugs, either legal or illegal, puts an awful strain on their bodies. They also put […]

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This is a really big topic and after researching, I decided to just focus on one subject. The topic I choose was smoking, which also includes snuff or chewing tobacco. One of the most popular web sites and the easiest place to get information was through AADAC {Alberta Alcohol, Drug, and Addictions Canada. Their web […]

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Teen Smoke

CHAPTER 1 Introduction: Smoking is a major public health problem worldwide (World Health Organization 1997, 1999; Satcher 2001; Gori 2002). A recent estimate suggested that 29 percent of the adult population were smokers globally in 1995 (Peto & Lopez 2000). Deaths due to tobacco use are expected to increase from four million in 1999 to […]

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The Effects of Smokeless Tobacco.

Once considered a harmless pleasure, smokeless tobacco came to the fore front of health news at the turn of the millennium due to increasing evidence that it is just as dangerous as cigarette smoking. In fact, most medical professionals now agree that smokeless tobacco–also known as “chaw” or “chew”–is equally addictive and carcinogenic, and have […]

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The Transtheoretical model/ stages of change

Tobacco use is the largest preventable cause of death and disease in Australia. It is a major cause of heart disease, stroke, several different forms of cancer, and other health problems (Quit Victoria 2005). The act of quitting smoking is not a single event, but rather a process of change within an individual. Change is […]

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Smoking Argumentative

Smoking tobacco had been popular since the Elizabethan times and at this point in time thousands of people are still killing themselves by doing something that simply is lighting tobacco wrapped in paper and inhaling the smoke – yet people continue to do it, why? Peoples rights – to and not to smoke? And the […]

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Smoking Summary Essay Sample

Not permitting smoking in public areas may help people refrain from smoking. Some argue that there would be a significant decline in the clientele in bars and clubs, but non-smokers actually outnumber smokers three to one. A ban could actually increase people going out because nonsmokers would be more comfortable. There may also be a […]

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Smoking: Bad Habit to Have

Smoking is a nasty and expensive habit that can ruin someone’s life. Smoking can ruin lungs, cause cancer, impacting a person’s social life or job, cause addiction and possibly lead to death. Smoking is still the number one killer in the USA. According to the Center for Disease Control, about 443,000 people die each year […]

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