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Colts Coach Jim Caldwell Fired after 2-14 Season

Within two weeks from the worst season experienced by the Indianapolis Colts in two decades, Coach Jim Caldwell was finally pushed out the door. During Caldwell’s first two seasons as coach to the Colts, Caldwell endured practically everything thrown his way, including bouncing back from losses and struggling through injuries. Apparently, the loss of Peyton […]

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Packers game irritates mom who chokes daughter

A disappointing football game apparently caused a drunken woman to choke her 11-year-old daughter on Sunday night. Police indicate that the 36-year-old woman from Wisconsin was charged in Outagamie Country Court on a count of felony child abuse and misdemeanour for disorderly conduct and bail jumping. The Grand Chute hotel called police in at about […]

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Seattle Seahawks – Will a New Coach Help This Season?

The Seattle Seahawks were a fairly decent team not many years ago, but they have fallen off significantly in recent seasons. In 2009, they only managed 5 wins. So, the powers that be in Seattle decided to pretty much clean house in an effort to bring the Seahawks back to a contender. The new head […]

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Michael Vick for 2010 MVP?

Heading into the final stretch of the 2010 NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles are tied with the New York Giants at the top of the NFL standings, but their 6-3 record doesn’t tell the whole story. Quarterback Michael Vick, playing his first full season after a two-year suspension for his part in a dog-fighting ring […]

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Tim Tebow To Help The Denver Broncos

If there was ever any doubt that one-year head coach Josh McDaniel is completely in control of acquiring players he wants, let us dispel that right away. At the end of the 2008 season, Mike Shanahan was fired, and McDaniel was hired on January 11th. By the end of March, he had gone through very […]

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Will the Indianapolis Colts be Contenders in 2010?

The Indianapolis Colts have been Super Bowl contenders every year for a decade. Truly, everyone in the AFC must be getting sick of them by now. Fortunately for everyone in the AFC, the Colts are beginning to show a bit of age and a little vulnerability going into 2010. The good: Peyton Manning looks to […]

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Carolina Panthers to do Better 2010

The finished the 2009 season with an 8-8 record, which was only good enough to get them third place in the NFC South. The Carolina Panthers are hoping to improve on that record, but one of their problems is that they play in the same division as the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. Therefore, […]

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Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010 – A Better Running Game Required

In the biggest off-season story since – well, since EVER – the Steelers are reeling a bit from the Ben Roethlisberger incident. Following a highly publicized suit involving Big Ben, in which the allegation of sexual misconduct (and this is not the first one) emerged, the Steelers are hoping to hang on through the six […]

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Court Order on NFL Lockout Delayed

The ruling sought by NFL players for a lockout to be ended will take around two weeks, said a federal judge on Thursday. Judge Susan Richard Nelson encouraged the football players and team owners to continue discussions in hopes of settling the labor issue themselves, as she felt that both sides were at risk. On […]

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Gronkowski apologizes for pose with porn star

When Twitter showed photos of a shirtless Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski with adult film star Bibi Jones, the media went crazy. Jones, who claimed she did not know who Gronkowski was prior to being introduced to him by mutual friends last week, was shown wearing his New England jersey with the number 87 emblazoned […]

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Marketing of Strong Global Brands: NFL vs IPL

Of course, out here in this part of the world Soccer is a more easy Football name to mind. But it is not happenstance that America and MNCs led by Marketing of Strong Global Brands from around the world have a time-tested affinity for the Superbowl. Global diaspora have time and again, found the Superbowl […]

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NBA & Nfl Compare and Contrast

There are many similarities and differences in being drafted in the NBA and the NFL. Some of these similarities of the NBA are that there are four camps in different states and all the scouts from every team is there, scouts from overseas and all. The players get assigned to a certain group and you […]

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