Essay on New Jersey

Jersey shore contraversy

Since the cast was followed around all of the time they would catch every minute of the excellent thing happening. They were able to cut out the dull, uninteresting parts so the viewers did not waste their time and cut to the chase. The critics were thinking negative thoughts before it aired and the controversy […]

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Mall Cop – 452 words – College

My inspiration to become a police officer came from watching the movie “Mall Cop” in 2009. A little introduction to what this movie is all about, this movie was starred by Kevin James who plays a role of a middle-aged man, a single parent living with his teenage daughter and works as a security guard […]

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Newark Crime

Lay Off Of 167 Newark Police Officials Increases Crime in the City There are a lot of social problems in my community. The most current social issue is that Newark, NJ has laid off 167 police officials on November 30th of 2010. This was 14% of the police working for Newark. They were discharged from […]

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